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22 tonne JS220 Tracked Excavator


Self Drive and Operated Hire

Delivery for self drive hire is available next working day to areas including Lincoln, Sheffield, Doncaster, Hull, Immingham, Grimsby, Scunthorpe, Castleford, Goole, Selby, Scarbrough and York.  

The JCB JS220 sits in the middle of JCB's range of heavy tracked excavators. Weighing in at around 22 tonnes, it's engineered with exceptional strenght, productivity, efficiency, comfort, safty and ease of maintenance.

A closed box section revolving frame increases strength and reduces stress. It also makes these excavators highly resistant to impact damage.

The JS220 engine is a highly efficient Isuzu European Tier 3 emission compliant model. It provides a fuel saving of up to 11% over JCB's outgoing models.

JCB Tier 3 compliant Isuzu engine has a high power rating (128kW), yet, because it producces high torque at low revs, it's very efficient too.

A massive 155kn bucket tearout makes JCB JS220 excavators up to 12% more productive than the closest competitors, and the special JS range quickhitch system makes attachment changing fast and easy.

Simultaneous tracking and excavating is smooth and fast with an intuitive multifunction operation, and four operating work modes allow a JS220 excavator operator to tailor performance to any application. Auto, Economy, Precision and Lifting modes provide very different optimised setting.

Strength:  JCB use finite element analysis with extensive rig and endurance testing to make these 360 excavators last longer. A JS220's reinforced boom and dipper is made of high tensile strength steel, with single piecewrapper plates and internal baffle plates for long life durability.

The high-strength undercarriage of a JS220 22 tonne excavator is of a fully-welded X-frame construction for long-term durability even in the most demanding applications, and the rigid upper frame provides maximum durability and support.

The turret is then welded to both the upper and lower undercarriage frames, and stiff, durable doors provide further strength.

designed to be comfortable, safe, ergonomic, simple and intuitive to operate. Which is good for the Operator, and also the Hirer, great ease of use equals greater productivity.

Cushioned boom and dipperends prevent shock loadings, protect the machine and increase operator comfort, while 6 viscous rubber mounts minimise noise and vibration.

A 70/30 front screen split for a clear view of the front right track, plus a large laminated glass roof window provide this 22 tonne excavator with exceptional all-round visibility. 


  Static Dimensions      
         Dimensions in millimeteres (feet & inches) NLC SC LC
  A     Track length on ground 3660   (12ft-0) 3370   (11ft-1) 3660   (12ft-0)
  B     Undercarriage overall length 4460   (14ft-6) 4170   (13ft-8) 4460   (14ft-8)
  C     Track gauge 1990   (6ft-6) 2200   (7ft-2) 2390   (7ft-10)
  D     Width over tracks (500mm trackshoes) 2490   (8ft-2) 2700   (8ft-10)  
  D     Width over tracks (600mm trackshoes) 2590   (8ft-6) 2800   (9ft-2) 2990   (9ft-10)
  D     Width over tracks (700mm trackshoes) 2690   (8ft-10) 2900   (9ft-6) 3090   (10ft-2)
  D     Width over tracks (800mm trackshoes)     3190   (10ft-6)
  D     Width over tracks (900mm trackshoes)     3290   (10ft-10)
          Dipper lengths 1.91m  (6ft-3) 2.40m  (7ft-10) 3.0m   (9ft-10)
  E     Transport length with monoboom 9570   (31ft-5) 9560   (31ft-4) 9440   (31ft-0)
  F     Transport height with Monoboom 3055   (10ft-0) 3060   (10ft-0) 3025   (9ft-11)
  G     Counterweight clearance 1066   (3ft-6)    
  H     Tailswing radius 2825   (9ft-3)    
  I      Width of superstructure 2549   (8ft-4)    
  J      Height over cab 2946   (9ft-8)    
  K     Height over grab rail 3025   (9ft-11)    
  L     Ground clearance 486     (1ft-7)    
  M     Track height 885     (2ft-11)    



  Working Range - JS220: NLC, SC, LC monoboom      
         Boom length 5.70m (18ft-8in)      
         Dipper length 1.91m (6ft-3) 2.40m (7ft-10) 3.00m (9ft-10)
  A     Maximum digging reach 8.89   (29ft-2) 9.34   (30ft-8) 9.87   (32-5)
  B     Maximum digging reach (on ground) 8.70   (28ft-7) 9.16   (30ft-1) 9.70   (31-10)
  C     Maximum digging depth 5.53   (18ft-2) 6.02   (19ft-9) 6.60   (21-8)
  D     Maximum digging height 8.95   (29ft-4) 9.20   (30ft-2) 9.40   (30-10)
  E     Maximum dumping height 6.31   (20ft-8) 6.53   (21ft-5) 6.75   (22-2)
  F     Maximum vertical wall cut depth 4.90   (16ft-1) 5.47   (17ft-11) 6.07   (19-11)
  G     Minimum swing radius 3.76   (12ft-4) 3.71   (12ft-2) 3.60   (11-10)
          Bucket rotation 183° 183° 183°
            Dipper tearout (ISO 6015) 13450 kgf (29650 Ibf) 11560 kgf (25485 Ibf) 9590  (21142 Ibf)
            Dipper tearout with boost (ISO 6015) 14610 kgf (32210 Ibf) 12550 kgf (27670 Ibf) 10410 (22950 Ibf)
            Bucket tearout (ISO 6015) 14550 kgf (32080 Ibf) 14550 kgf (32080 Ibf) 14550 (32080 Ibf)
            Bucket tearout with boost (ISO 6015) 15800 kgf (34835 Ibf) 15800 kgf (34835 Ibf) 15800 (34835 Ibf)


  Service Capacities litres        (UK gallon)
  Fuel tank 343 L       (75.4 G)
  Radiator 25.5 L      (5.61 G)
  Engine oil 17.5 L      (3.85 G)
  Swing drive 5.0 L        (1.1 G)
  Hydraulic tank 120 L       (26.4 G)
  Final drive (each side) 4.7 L        (1.0 G)