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JCB 3cx Backhoe Loader

23ft 3 side 21ft 5 Back Bucket Reach


Max. Engine Power 63kw (85hp) -or- 68.6kw (92hp)

Max. Backhoe Dig Depth 5.97 meters (19ft-7inches)


Self Drive and Operated Hire

With one of the largest fleets of backhoe loaders in the Yorkshire area we are able to supply next working day delivery to areas including Hull, Immingham, Grimsby, Scunthorpe, Lincoln, Sheffield, Doncaster, Castleford, Goole, Selby, York and Scarbrough.

Over the years the backhoe loader has been refined to become extremely versatile.  A professional operator who has the knowledge and expertise to be able to use the extradig, power, 6-in-1 and forks to his advantage makes the backhoe a great choice when on a tight budget.  

The JCB 3cx is the world's number one backhoe loader. The 3cx is a product of JCB's efficient design philosophy, responding to today's rising fuel prices and environmental concerns with class-leading efficency and low running costs. JCB has applied innovative technologies to squeeze the absolute maximum out of every drop of fuel on the 3cx Eco.

In a typical roading, loading, excavating and idle cycles, the 3cx Eco backhoe loader, equipped with a 63kW Dieselmax engine delivers an average fuel saving of up to 16%, plus lower emissions and noise levels. And, with extended periods between fill ups, you benefit from a longer, more productive working day.

Efficiency:  JCB have developed EcoDig, a standard fitment three-pump hydraulic system that allows the same high hydraulic flow and pressure but at lower engine speeds, for up to 15% improvement in fuel economy when excavating.

The 3cx Eco has a patented Torque-Lock technology (the world's first lock-up torque converter fitted to a backhoe loader), EcoRoad reduces fuel consumption by up to 25%, yet increases both speed and working area up to 10%.

Another feature is the Hydraulic Speed Control (HSC), which automatically disconnects the first hydraulic pump when in fourth gear. This reduces fuel consumption still further.

Build Quality:  The 3cx Eco has been tested in all climates, including arctic conditions. On the production line every new 3cx Eco is put through around 600 performance checks.

Hydraulic hoses are approved to work down to -40° and all 3cx materials are tested to extreme temperatures and exposed to chemical, salt, oil and sunlight to ensure maximum protection.



  Static Dimensions:   M      (ft-in)
  A    Total travel length   5.62   (18-5)
  B    Axle centreline distance   2.17   (7-1)
  C    Slew centre to rear axle centre distance   1.36   (4-6)
  D    Stabiliser feet clearance   0.37   (1-2)
  E    Kingpost clearance   0.52   (1-8)
  F    Steering wheel centre height   1.94   (6-4)
  G    Cab roof height   2.87   (9-5)
  H    Total travel clearance   3.61   (11-10)
  J    Rear frame width 2.35   (7-8) 2.24   (7-4) narrow option
  K    Shovel width 2.35   (7-8) 2.23   (7-4) narrow option

  Loader Dimensions: fitted with 6-in-1 front shovel
  M    Dump height 2.72        (8-11)
  N    Load over height 3.20        (10-6)
  O    Loader hinge pin height 3.45        (11-4)
  P    Pin forward reach 0.36        (1-2)
  Q    Reach at ground (toe plate horizontal) 1.37        (4-6)
  R    Max, reach at full height 1.15        (3-9)
  S    Reach at full height fully dumped 0.78        (2-7)
  T    Dig depth 0.10        (0-4)
  U    Roll back at ground 45°
  V    Dump angle 43°
       Jaw opening width 0.95        (3-1)
  Loader Dimensions:  forklift performance data 6-in-1 (front) shovel mounted forks
    M             (ft-in)
  W    Forks - tine length 1.1           (3-7)
         Forks - tine width 0.08         (0-3.1)
  X    Forks reach at ground level 2.66         (8.9)
  Y    Fork reach at full height 2.25         (7-5)
  Z    Forks lift height - max. 2.92         (9-7)
        Fork spacing - min 0.2           (0-8)
        Fork spacing - max 2.17         (7-3)
        SWL @ 500mm load centres 1000 kg   (2205 Ib)



  Backhoe Dimensions:   3cx Extradig Model
      M             (ft-in)
  A    SAE max dig depth Ext 5.46         (17-11)
    Ret 4.24         (13-11)
        SAE 2ft flat bottom Ext 5.43         (17-10)
    Ret 4.21         (13-10)
        Maximum dig depth with deep profile bucket Ext 5.97         (19-7)
    Ret 4.75         (15-7)
  B    Reach - ground level to rear wheel centre Ext 7.87         (25-10)
    Ret 6.72         (22-1)
  C    Reach - ground level to slew centre Ext 6.52         (21-5)
    Ret 5.37         (17-7)
  D    Reach - at full height to slew centre Ext 3.66         (12-0)
    Ret 2.74         (9-0)
  E    Side reach - to centre line of machine Ext 7.09         (23-3)
    Ret 5.94         (19-6)
  F    Sae operating height Ext 6.35         (20-10)
    Ret 5.53         (18-2)
  G    Maximum loadover height Ext 4.72         (15-6)
    Ret 3.84         (12-7)
        SAE loadover height Ext 4.32         (14-2)
    Ret 3.4           (11-3)
  H    Total kingpost travel   1.16         (3-10)
        Narrow rear frame option   1.05         (3-5)
  J    Bucket rotation Speed 201°
  Backhoe Performance:   3cx Extradig model
      kgf            (Ibf)
      Bucket tearout  Speed  5385 kgf   (11847 Ibf) 
    Power  6228 kgf   (13701 Ibf) 
      Dipper tearout  Ext  2255 kgf   (4961 Ibf) 
    Ret  3225 kgf   (7095 Ibf) 
      kg             (Ib)    
      Lift capacity of bucket pivot at full reach  Ext  719 kg     (1582 Ib) 
    Ret  1451 kg    (3192 Ib)