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8 tonne JCB 8080 Tracked Excavator

Rubber Tracks / Zero Tailswing
Max. Operating Weight   8250 kg
Nett Engine Power           44 kW (58hp)

Self Drive and Operated Hire

We predominantly hire JCB 8080 tracked excavators on a self drive hire basis. With one days notice we are able to supply operated.

The 8 tonne JCB 8080 is a very popular size of tracked digger.  The maximum digging reach on ground is 21ft 11inches which makes it a favourite for clearing drainage ditches and working near off camber terrain.  The total zero tailswing feature is extremely useful for working near walls and buildings and the full size cab increases comfort for the taller operator.

Delivery for self drive hire is available next working day to areas including Hull, Immingham, Grimsby, Scunthorpe, Lincoln, Sheffield, Doncaster, Castleford, Goole, Selby, York and Scarbrough. 



The JCB 8080 is a 8 tonne, zero tailswing midi offering the increased performance of larger machines without losing the access advantage. It has a 3.1 litre engine that is powerful, clean and quiet, and a full-size excavator style cab for operator comfort.

The 8080 also has the intelligence and security of an Advanced Management System (AMS), which gives the operator extra control of fuel efficiency and diagnostics.

As expected from JCB's biggest midi, the 8080 features the biggest cab. It has a full-size, isolated excavator style cab.

To prevent damage and improve 'down-the-trench' visibility, the 8080 also features an up-and over front screen, just like the back screen of a 3cx Backhoe loader, or the bigger tracked excavators.

On all JCB midis they have introduced a load-sensed, flow-on-demand hydraulic system. This system automatically controls flow and pressure, providing the hydraulic oil to a serivce only when the operator needs to us it. So the engine is never overworked, saving fuel. Plus, because the system shares oil equally, all services can be supplied (keep working) without starving any one function, making for a more productive machine.

An additional benefit of the load-sensed hydraulics is straight-line tracking. This is important for positioning next to obstacles or loading/unloading, this allows the operator to travel safely forwards or backwards without veering off to one side when a service is operated.

The 8080 also features proportional servo controls which allow precise metering of the bucket and lever efforts are light, reducing operator fatigue.

The Advanced Management System (AMS) console lets the operator select from three digging modes. Heavy, Standard, or Light, to allow for the right amount of power for maximum fuel efficiency.

Attachments:  The 8080 is compatible with the 8060 (JCB 6 tonne tracked excavator), and the JCB 3cx Backhoe loader.


  Static Dimensions
  A      Track length on ground 2200          (7-3)
  B      Undercarriage overall length 2830          (9-3)
  C      Counterweight clearance 767            (2-6)
  D      Tailswing radius 1160          (3-10)
  E      Overall width of superstructure 2135          (7-0)
  F1     Height over cab 2709          (8-11)
  F2     Height over cab working light 2830          (9-3)
  G      Ground clearance 363            (1-2)
  H      Track gauge 1850          (6-1)
  I        Width over tracks (450mm shoes) 2300          (7-7)
         Width over tracks (600mm shoes) 2450          (8-0)
         Width over tracks (450mm offset shoes) 2200          (7-3)
  K      Transport length (2000mm dipper) 6060          (19-11)
  L      Transport height (2000mm dipper) 2830          (9-3)
       Track height 665            (2-2)



  Working Range
          Standard Boom 2.00m Dipper
          Dimensions mm               (ft-in)
  A      Max. digging reach 6836             (22-5)
  B      Max. digging reach on ground 6677             (21-11)
       Max. digging depth 4214             (13-10)
  D      Max. digging height 6436             (21-1)
  E      Max. dumping height 4703             (15-5)
  F      Max. vertical wallcut depth 2752             (9-0)
  G      Min. swing radius 2862             (9-5) 
           Dipper tearout kN 36            (8093 Ibf) 
           Bucket tearout kN 50            (11240 Ibf) 
           Bucket rotation 204°


The JCB 8080 midi ecxvator offers users all the advantages of zero tailswing machine but none of the drawbacks. When fitted with non-offset tracks, the tail rotates within the width of the undercarriage, reducing the space required in which to operate the machine , ensuring the rear cannot come into cantact with objects whilst turning. Also excellent lift capacity has been retained.


  A:   Front slew radius
        Kingpost straight - 2862mm   (9ft 5in)
        Kingpost full swing - 2358mm   (7ft 9in)
  B:   Tailswing radius - 1160mm   (3ft 10in




Swing Performance:

The zero tailswing allows the 8080 to turn in the tightest spots, with no damage to the rear of the machine or site structures, and without affecting the dig envelope. A kingpost allows the boom to move left and right, independently of the cab. And with the boom offset to an angle, it is much easier to dig parallel against a wall, maintaining excellent operator visibility to the trench.

Thanks to these features, along with the 8080's compact size, this midi can go virtually anywhere. And when it dose get there, it packs a real punch.

The 3.1 litre, low noise engine and a generous output of 44kW (58hp), the 8080 has more than enough power to perform its daily duties with ease. The 300 bar operating pressure that maximises bucket and dipper tearout, combined with an impressive dig depth and reach, results in effortless truck loading. Plus, with its high slew torque, the 8080 can effortlessly slew loads whilst on an incline.