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3 tonne 8030 mini digger

Operating Weight     3217kg   (7092 Ib)
Nett Engine Power    20kW     (26.8hp)

Self Drive Hire

Delivery for self drive hire is available next working day to areas including Lincoln, Goole, Selby, Hull, Immingham, Grimsby, Scunthorpe, Sheffield, Doncaster, Castleford, Scarbrough and York.



  Static Dimensions  
  A      Sprocket idler centres 1597         (5-3)
  B      Undercarriage overall length 2052         (6-8.3/4)
  C      Kingpost clearance   615         (2-0.1/4)
  D      Tailswing radius   800         (3-7.1/2)
  E      Overall width of superstructure 1650         (5-5)
  F      Height over cab 2470         (8-1.1/4)
  G      Ground clearance   300         (12)
  H      Track gauge 1252         (5-1.1/4)
  I       Width over tracks 1650         (5-5)
  J      Transport length 4287         (14.0.3/4)
  K      Transport height 2470         (8-1.1/4)
  L      Track height   500         (1-7.1/2)


  Working Range  
           Dipper length 1300mm         (4-2.1/4)
  A      Max digging reach 5031mm         (16-6)
  B      Max digging reach on ground 4901mm         (16-1)
  C      Max digging depth - dozer up 2794mm         (9-2)
           Max digging depth - dozer down 3119mm         (10-2.1/4)
  D      Max digging height 4453mm         (14-7.1/4)
  E      Max dump height 3205mm         (10-6)
  F      Max height to dipper nose pivot pin 3808mm         (12-6)
  G      Max vertical wallcut depth 1741mm         (5-8.1/2)
  H      Min.front swing radius (no offset) 2150mm         (7-0.1/2)
           Min. front swing radius (fully offset) 2010mm         (6-7)
        Boom swing left 45°
  J      Boom swing right 60°
          Bucket rotation 186°
          Dipper rotation 119°
          Bucket tearout 28kN               (6295 Ibf)
          Dipper tearout 17kN               (3822 Ibf)
          Slew speed 9.6 rpm