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13 tonne JCB JS130 Tracked Excavator 2013


Self Drive and Operated Hire 

Delivery for self drive hire is available next working day to areas including Selby, Hull, York, Goole, Immingham, Grimsby, Scunthorpe, Lincoln, Sheffield, Doncaster, Castleford and Scarbrough.


The JS130 is a 13 tonne tracked excavator that's equipped with a host of efficiency, performance, comfort, and safty innovations. Like JCB's new award winning ECOMAX T4i engine, which meets Stage IIIB/Tier 4i legislation without using bulky DPF or SCR. In turn this means more everyday benefits, eg. more uptime, low running costs, and great visibility.

Strenght:  The JS130's reinforced boom and dipper is made of high tensile strength steel, with single piece wrapper plates and internal baffle plates for long life durability.

JS130's boast the best components in the industry, including Berco running gear, Kawasaki pumps and kayaba valve blocks.

JCB's EcoMAX T4i/Stage 3B engine has been tested for 110,000 hours in 70 different machines across the toughest applications and environments to ensure durability.

The high-strenght undercarriage uses a fully welded X frame construction for long-term duability even in the most demanding applications.

A closed box-section revolving frame increases strenght, reduces stress, and is highly resistant to impact damage. The JS130's high-strenght rigid upper frame provides maximum durability and support.

JCB's quickhitch system makes attachment changing fast and easy, and is purpose-designed for the JS range.

With a massive 92kn bucket tearout and fast cycle times, the JS130 is extremely productive in all applications.

JCB's innovative hydraulic regeneration system means oil is recycled across the cylinders for faster cycle times and reduced fuel consumption.

The EcoMax T4i/Stage3B engine uses up to 10% less fuel than the Tier 3 units, saving money. This is partly because EcoMAX produces high torque at just 1500-1600rpm, and also because JCB uses efficient advanced hydraulic technology.

JCB JS130's have excellent front visibility, with a 70/30 front screen split and a clear veiw of the front right track for easy, safe trench digging and manoeuvring.

Because it doesn't require bulky after-treatment like DPF or SCR, the new compact EcoMAX T4i engine can be housed under an innovative low-level bonnet, providing excellent rearward visibility.

For tremendous speed and control, a JCB JS130 has a balanced slew and electronic/hydraulic controlled slew braking. Auxiliary options can also be specified with proportional control options for even more smoothness and precision.

JS130 cabs use 6 viscous rubber mounts to minimise noise and vibration.

JCB have reduced noise to 70dB(A) inside and 99dB(A) outside, because the JS130 creates a quieter working environment inside and out, you can use the machine at any location, any time.



  Static Dimensions dimensions in millimetres (ft-in)  
  A     Track length on ground 2865       (9ft-5)  
  B     Undercarriage overall length 3605       (11ft-10)  
  C     Track gauge 1990       (6ft-6)  
  D     Width over tracks (500mm trackshoes) 2490       (8ft-2)  
  D     Width over tracks (600mm trackshoes) 2590       (8ft-6)  
  D     Width over tracks (700mm track 2690       (8ft-10)  
          Dipper lengths 2.5m       (8ft-2) 3.0m       (9ft-10)
  E     Transport length with monoboom 7620       (25ft-0) 7572       (24ft-10)
  F     Transport height with monoboom 2867       (9ft-5) 3289       (10ft-9)
  G     Counterweight clearance 905         (3ft-0)  
  H     Tail swing radius 2050       (6ft-9)  
  I       Width of superstructure 2410       (7ft-11)  
  J      Height over cab 2845       (9ft-4)  
  K     Height over grab rail 2867       (9ft-5)  
  L     Ground clearance 425         (1ft-5)  
  M     Track height 811         (2ft-8)  



  Working Range Millimetres   (feet-inch)
         Boom length 4.70m  (15ft-5in)  
         Dipper length 2.50m        (8ft-2in)
  A     Maximum digging reach 8340          (27ft-4)
  B     Maximum digging reach (on ground) 8197          (26ft-11)
  C     Maximum digging depth 5530          (18ft-2)
  D     Maximum digging height 9118          (29ft-11)
  E     Maximum dumping height 6729          (22ft-1)
  F     Maximum vertical wall cut depth 3625          (11ft-11)
  G     Minimum swing radius 2231          (7ft-4)
         Bucket rotation 182°
         Maximum dipper tearout (ISO 6015) 6680 kgf    (14720 Ibf)
         Maximum bucket tearout (ISO 6015) 9375 kgf    (20667 Ibf)
         Dipper length 3.00m        (9ft-10in)
  A     Maximum digging reach 8796          (28ft-10)
  B     Maximum digging reach (on ground) 8660          (28ft-5)
  C     Maximum digging depth 6028          (19ft-9)
  D     Maximum digging height 9440          (30ft-11)
  E     Maximum dumping height 7041          (23ft-1)
  F     Maximum vertical wall cut depth 4050          (13ft-3)
  G     Minimum swing radius 2591          (8ft-6)
          Bucket rotation 182°
          Maximum dipper tearout (ISO 5016) 5970 kgf    (13161 Ibf)
          Maximum bucket tearout (ISO 5016) 9375 kgf    (20667 Ibf)


  Service Capacities Litres UK Gallons
  Fuel tank 253 55.6
  Engine coolant 19.7 4.3
  Engine oil 20.4 4.5
  Swing reduction 2.2 0.5
  Track reduction gear (each side) 3.5 0.7
  Hydraulic system 124.0 27.3
  Hydraulic tank 73.0 16.1